Cats! The most adorable animal

Cats are the good life artists, so it’s no wonder that many people adore the spoiled animal. How can you not admire such an individual animal, who always knows what he wants, willing to give love but not a sucker and requires consideration, sleeps most of the day and has a wonderful sense of identifying the most comfortable corners in the house? Although the cat is a domesticated animal, even the most pampered kittens have managed to maintain a hunting instinct and wild eye damage.

The house cat has lived alongside the human for nearly 10,000 years and its domestication process probably began in Egypt, where cats were considered saints and gods and buried alongside the Pharaohs. Later, cats have been used as a means of biological control by humans as skilled carnivores in capturing mice, rats, reptiles, poultry and other small animals. Today, cats are the most popular and widely used domestic animal in the world, and exist virtually everywhere, being an adaptive and resourceful animal.

Cats have many traits that make them popular. They are handsome and graceful; They love to pamper themselves, sleep and cuddle, but on the other hand, they are greedy and love to run and jump around the house; Although cats are sometimes considered interesting, many of them love their husbands and associate with them; And, no less important, they are easy to handle. A sandbox and dry or wet food is just about all it takes to raise a cat. The cat is also inherently clean and devotes every minute to combing and licking, which makes it easier to be at home.

Want to adopt cats?

It’s pretty simple. There are urban shelters and associations that collect street cats and cats that have been abandoned and allow anyone to come and adopt; There are people who breed purebred cats and sell them for thousands of shekels. And there are countless street cats yearning for a warm home. Of course, it is advisable to adopt a cat from a nonprofit, an urban shelter, or from the street, and not to fund the breeding cat industry, many of which have health problems that result from being associated with a limited genetic pool.
If you adopt a cat, dont forget to buy him all the neccasary items that make his life much batter. Toys, such as fish or butterfly, cat face massager, a fine bed and a high quality litter box.

In summary, a cat is a wonderful, fun and comfortable pet to care for. But before you adopt a cat, make sure you are prepared for it mentally, family and financially. Too many cats are abandoned on the street every year by people who did not want to continue to care for them. Adopt a cat only if you are ready for it! Successfully!

10 Great Topics for Couples to Talk

If you succeeded in the long journey of finding you soul mate, than you probably already know that finding love and keeping that love alive are two different things. While relationships take work, there should also be an ease to them. The things we talk about with our partner can either steer us in the direction of success or can leave us heading for splits-ville. For some couples, conversation comes naturally, but if you find yourself needing a little help in that field, here are 10 great topics to talk about with your partner to ensure a meaningful, happy relationship.

1. Hobbies and Interests
These are great topics to talk about in the beginning of a relationship because they are lighthearted conversation starters but also are a great way to gauge someone’s lifestyle and habits to see if they’re compatible with yours. Talk about sports, TV and movies, and find out how your partner spends their weekends and free time.

2. Achievements and Defining Moments
Knowing what accomplishments your partner is most proud of can provide insight into what defines them in their own eyes. Also, sharing these memories with your partner can be a bonding experience and help you build respect for one another.

3. Childhood and family
Childhood memories and upbringing can be great conversation starters, especially fond memories and stories, and tell you what shaped your partner into the person they are today, providing a greater level of understanding between you and your partner and have qzz in your life.

4. Life Goals
In order for people to achieve their goals in life, they must have people who support them so talk to your partner about career, financial, and lifestyle goals and ensure that you each want to support one another in those goals.

5. Fears and Insecurities
Sharing your fears and insecurities with your partner shows that you feel safe being vulnerable with your partner and builds trust and intimacy.

6. Past Relationships
While this can be a tricky subject, this topic can reveal if someone is easy-going and understanding or can reversely reveal a jealous or possessive side. It’s also important to discuss how you and your partner feel about remaining friends with past lovers. This can be a great subject for the truth or dare game (read here).

7. Politics and Religion
Agreeing with your partner is not necessarily crucial to maintaining a happy relationship but it is necessary that the two of you can discuss them respectfully and without anger or taking differences personally.

8. Family Ties
Your partner’s family could eventually become your family. Having a partner that doesn’t get along with their family could potentially be inviting that conflict into your own life so try to understand each others’ relationships with family. Find out what to expect at family gatherings.

9. Marriage, Commitment, and Children
If you’ve always wanted marriage and children, finding out late in a relationship that your partner does not want marriage or children can be a difficult experience. Make sure you two are on the same page relatively early.

10. The Future
Plans and goals for the future as a couple can be one of the most fun and inspiring things to discuss. Talking about places you’d like to travel and where you see yourselves in 5 and 10 years allows you to decide if you envision yourself a part of your partner’s future.

The 10 most common diet misconceptions

  • Irrational  ambition to loose weight very rapidly. And when that does not happen planned murderous pace, causing breakage disappointment, and even weight gain. Those who enter the process diet must understand that it is impossible to predict how the body will react to the diet. There are many parameters that determine the rate of weight loss, amount pack on the pounds and how long it will take. For example, age determines, as we have more diets in the past so the body slow down weight loss. Every diet created sometime during the stop weight loss diet. Never Give Up, Body feel a decrease calories consumed, checking if everything was all right and so stop the decline. Then the weight loss renewable.
  • Diet is a negative thing, it’s hard, feeling shortage and deprivation. Wrong! Some people think diet should avoid eating delicious food and the food you love. This mistake! If you can give up a certain dish, despite not diet ate it occasionally. To deprive him completely. You should consult your dietitian how to integrate it in the diet. Of course, diet is done correctly and in a healthy and there is no reason to hunger, deprivation and poverty.
  • Unrealistic expectation, for example wanting to look like a male model or a model after a diet. Too bad, but it probably will not happen. Those who lost weight, looks great. Healthy, young and fresh. But to become a model? Not sure.
  • Many people think that – I just finished the diet and can go back to eating as before. A big mistake. This is a sure recipe for an increase in the weight back and more with the addition … Diet is a lifestyle for life. Ambition must be to adopt a new way of life diet and permanent. Must work on the thought that this time – it all and act accordingly.
  • Many think – that exercising can prevent foot problems such as supination or overpornation. Wrong! Only special supination shoes can do that! You can find a list on the sites we mentioned.
  • Many think – who trains regularly – can eat everything. Wrong! Sports diet negative calorie balance are the conditions required for success in weight loss and health.
  • Many think – I do not have time and desire for physical activity and sport so instead I’ll cut some more calories. A serious mistake. To succeed in losing weight and changing your lifestyle is also a duty to do sports and diet.
  • When you’re on a diet the food you eat should not be tasty. The opposite – to succeed on a diet must eat delicious food that you love and yet healthy, lean and nutritious. There are endless recipes lean and suitable food.
  • Diet leads to social isolation – you can not go out with friends, you can spend as much as everyone else. Not true. It is possible and it is possible. Today there is every restaurant, cafe and pub food diet healthy and thin. Even events that you can choose tasty food and true.
  • I can do the diet alone without professional help. A big mistake. Many think that if they know any diet and counting calories alone is enough. So it is really not. Automotive and food type important time – when to eat what and amounts of food at every meal diet is essential to the success. All this only registered dietitian can accommodate you.
  • You need to weight every day. Nothing frustrates it. Weight changes are being felt every day. Daily weighing can lead to disappointment and break the diet. The diet should be weighed once a week during the day, at the same time and use the same weight.