10 Great Topics for Couples to Talk

If you succeeded in the long journey of finding you soul mate, than you probably already know that finding love and keeping that love alive are two different things. While relationships take work, there should also be an ease to them. The things we talk about with our partner can either steer us in the direction of success or can leave us heading for splits-ville. For some couples, conversation comes naturally, but if you find yourself needing a little help in that field, here are 10 great topics to talk about with your partner to ensure a meaningful, happy relationship.

1. Hobbies and Interests
These are great topics to talk about in the beginning of a relationship because they are lighthearted conversation starters but also are a great way to gauge someone’s lifestyle and habits to see if they’re compatible with yours. Talk about sports, TV and movies, and find out how your partner spends their weekends and free time.

2. Achievements and Defining Moments
Knowing what accomplishments your partner is most proud of can provide insight into what defines them in their own eyes. Also, sharing these memories with your partner can be a bonding experience and help you build respect for one another.

3. Childhood and family
Childhood memories and upbringing can be great conversation starters, especially fond memories and stories, and tell you what shaped your partner into the person they are today, providing a greater level of understanding between you and your partner and have qzz in your life.

4. Life Goals
In order for people to achieve their goals in life, they must have people who support them so talk to your partner about career, financial, and lifestyle goals and ensure that you each want to support one another in those goals.

5. Fears and Insecurities
Sharing your fears and insecurities with your partner shows that you feel safe being vulnerable with your partner and builds trust and intimacy.

6. Past Relationships
While this can be a tricky subject, this topic can reveal if someone is easy-going and understanding or can reversely reveal a jealous or possessive side. It’s also important to discuss how you and your partner feel about remaining friends with past lovers. This can be a great subject for the truth or dare game (read here).

7. Politics and Religion
Agreeing with your partner is not necessarily crucial to maintaining a happy relationship but it is necessary that the two of you can discuss them respectfully and without anger or taking differences personally.

8. Family Ties
Your partner’s family could eventually become your family. Having a partner that doesn’t get along with their family could potentially be inviting that conflict into your own life so try to understand each others’ relationships with family. Find out what to expect at family gatherings.

9. Marriage, Commitment, and Children
If you’ve always wanted marriage and children, finding out late in a relationship that your partner does not want marriage or children can be a difficult experience. Make sure you two are on the same page relatively early.

10. The Future
Plans and goals for the future as a couple can be one of the most fun and inspiring things to discuss. Talking about places you’d like to travel and where you see yourselves in 5 and 10 years allows you to decide if you envision yourself a part of your partner’s future.